Thursday, August 18, 2011

It's heeeeeeeeeere!

The signal has come that my most favorite time of year is upon us! My fav is fall. But the hint isn't the big yellow bus that drove up my street this morning picking up a group of rather forlorn looking kids. It's also not the slight nip in the air that I can feel if I close my eyes, think about orange leaves and concentrate really hard. Its not football (although I'm pretty excited about that too!) It's not the back-to-school sales. Its not the lack of lightning bugs in the lawn. "It" has arrived.

The Pottery Barn catalog with those smiling yellow pumpkins, those way-more-chic-than-I-could-ever-produce "homemade" cobwebs, and those freakin' cool skeleton hand candleholders was in my mailbox today, ushering in the fall. Halloween is nearly here! What will you be this year?

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