Tuesday, October 25, 2011

A leather what?

Yep, that's a toilet seat/lid.

Prince Charles is reported to have his own white-leather wrapped toilet seat which he received as a Christmas gift several years ago.  His personal butler confirmed that the Prince always has his leather-clad seat accompany him on travels.

EcoDomo introduces  the Royal Throne Collection of leather toilet seats, lids and rugs.  This continues the rollout of ecological, stylish and unique sustainable architectural details which EcoDomo has pioneered in the sustainable finishes industry.  The company admits that leather toilet seats are not for the shy. They come in racy colors or classic tones. They’re warm and really quite beautiful. Think of them as the ultimate Le Corbusier leather chair to rest and ponder in a quiet...uh.. personal environment.
The leather seats are maintained with anti-bacterial natural Clorox (whatever that means). Polishing the seat with leather wipes will maintain the finish. www.ecodomo.com

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