Thursday, November 29, 2012

Clean Without Chemicals

I never thought about the chemicals I used to clean my home until I had kids. There's something about using bleach and ammonia on the surfaces my kids crawl, climb on, and touch that just doesn't sit right with me. We've learned to associate strong chemical smells with "clean." Think about that for a minute. How does that even make sense?

I happened upon Norwex products pretty much by accident. You know...a friend has an in-home "party" and you show up pretty much for the wine and snacks. I felt obligated to buy something, and I'd heard other Iowa moms buzzing about the brand. The the microfiber "antibacterial" Enviro Cloth  seemed expensive ($15.99...for a rag) but what the heck. I'd spend as much on my own bottle of wine.

What makes this cloth special is its crazy thin microfibers and its claim to have strands of silver embedded inside. Silver provides natural antibacterial properties. The idea is that you pick up more gunk, it stays inside the rag, and any bacteria is suffocated by the silver. There's a bit more science to it than that, but you get the picture.

I don't know if all of the chemistry is going on when I wipe down my countertops, but I do know that they appear exceptionally clean. My original rag is also about 3 years old and is still used daily. I liked it instantly, but what really sold me on the brand was the Window Cloth. You can clean windows, mirrors, granite, or just about any shiny surface with only water! This cloth is $17.99. And, naturally, my husband's first reaction was that I got rooked. But then he saw me use it! I haven't purchased a bottle of Windex in two years...and I don't see any need for it in the future. By using the Enviro Cloth to remove tangible dirt and the Window Cloth to polish, I clean every glass and granite surface in my home to a shiny sparkle! (Even the sliding glass door. And I have two small kids and a dog.)

I could go on about the $100 mop that has changed my entire attitude about cleaning my house (and that's saying something), but until you're sold on the above, you won't even consider spending that much on a mop. So, find your local Norwex rep, order the Enviro Cloth and the Window Cloth and try it out for yourself.

But, be'll get hooked! (I just ventured into the personal care products. I'll let you know how my first encounter with the makeup remover clothes goes.) And you'll soon enjoy the fresh smell of clean instead of chemicals. 

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