Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Bogo Brush

You've probably never given much thought to where your plastic toothbrush goes when it's time for a replacement. But if you toss it in the trash, it heads to a landfill where it joins about 450 million  other toothbrushes, each taking about 24 years or so to break down. 

Meet Bogo Brush. This completely eco-friendly toothbrush is made from bamboo and 100% biodegradable bristles. Plus, when you buy a Bogo Brush, the company sends one to someone in need. (Check out details on the recipients here.) But, to be completely honest, what caught my eye was its slick design. It's simply the coolest toothbrush I've ever seen. It would take a lot for me to trade in my Sonicare for Bogo. But I'm thinking it might make a fantastic travel toothbrush!

Available for pre-order. Purchase one or a year's supply. First shipment expected by March 2013. 

Photo: Bogo Brush

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