Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Eat Your Veggies?

No problem! I love asparagus. But I love chocolate more. And this asparagus is chocolate! I'll never forget strolling by the storefront of Woodhouse Chocolate in downtown St. Helena in the heart of California wine country a few years ago (before the children and move to the midwest, when that was a regular activity of mine.) It was just before the Easter holiday and the colorful spring display caught my eye. I remember seeing these beautiful, perfect stalks of asparagus. They looked so fresh that I wanted to pick and eat them. (I really do love asparagus.) Imagine my sheer joy when I realized they were - gasp- chocolate! The asparagus are delicious (and so fun and whimsical!) But so are the chocolate bunnies. And the truffles. And the salty savory bars. And the caramels with fleur de sel. And the...well, you get the picture. I don't get to Napa as much as I once did, but not to worry. Woodhouse ships anywhere.  I'm  eating plenty of veggies! 

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