Wednesday, March 2, 2011

A Spa a Toilet?

Yes, that's right. A toilet. 

To the eye, it may seem like your typical everyday commode (Albeit, streamlined and minimalist. Can you imagine how much easier this is to clean than your standard toilet with its nooks and crannies that seem to have been put there deliberately to collect dust and drive you mad?) but a closer look reveals an array of automated functions making REGIO by INAX anything but your average john. 

First, LED lights illuminate the bowl. (Yay! No more night light!) Next it plays soothing music while the lid lifts- automatically- to reveal a cozy heated seat. The spa experience continues as double-power deodorizing begins when the seat is occupied. Complete relaxation goes uninterrupted with the industry's first automatic "Silent Stream Flushing System" that delivers a powerful, yet quiet air-driven flush that is no louder than a gentle, murmuring brook. A refreshing personal cleanse comes by way of two spray nozzles with sensitive temperature and water pressure controls to ensure a thorough feminine and posterior wash. An air purifier activates, emitting ions that cleanse the air in the room. 

New to the US, INAX is Japan's leading manufacturer of tile and sanitary fixtures. The introduction of the Zen-like REGIO sets a new precedent in advanced comfort technologies and style never before felt or seen in the luxury toilet category. Check out more at 

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